Review this information to ensure you are prepared to properly submit your online permit application.

Welcome to the official Town of Vail Special Events Online Permit Application Website!  Below we have compiled important information for you to review BEFORE starting your application.  Our system is easy to use and offers intuitive ways to start, save and submit Town of Vail Application's.  However, it does require you having the right information and documents prepared before you can submit the application.  Incomplete applications submitted will not be reviewed.  

We strongly recommend that you review the following before beginning a new application.  If at anytime you have questions feel free to use our contact us page and we'll assist to the best of our ability. 


Registration is simple and only takes a few seconds.  You must register before being granted access into your application management dashboard.  Once an account is created all applications you start, save and submit in the system will be accessible at anytime.  To register select the REGISTER button found in the upper right corner of each page. You will receive an email confirmation with your username and password.  Be sure and save this information in a safe location as you will need it to access your information on this site.  Once you have registered, email the Special Events Coordinator to alert them of your registration. Contact Jeremy Gross at


Once you have registered and have your username and password you will need to login.  You login by selecting the LOGIN button located in the upper right corner of every page on this site.  Upon login you will be directed to your Special Events Management Portal Dashboard.  This page is where you can quickly review all applications you have submitted, start a new application and edit an existing application.  

When starting a new application it is important that you complete section 1 of the first Step, Primary Contact Information, before leaving the page. This will properly assign your event info in the system.


Anytime you update any page and continue to another page your information will automatically be saved. You can use the buttons located at the bottom of each step to continue to the next step, save and close or cancel. You can also use the navigation on the right side of each page (your information will always save regardless of how you proceed to your next chosen page).


When viewing your application management dashboard it will list all applications currently saved in the system. If you have many applications you can conveniently search and/or sort your applications how you like. The search uses the application Event Name, and Contact Name to generate results. The sort uses the Status of each application to only return applications with that status. Lastly, you can also use the search field in conjunction with a only a specific Status as well.


The Town of Vail Special Event Application System relies on a Status Legend of 5 status options all with a unique color coding and meaning. The status of your application will tell you where in the approval process your application is at, and what is needed if anything.

  • When the status is set to In Progress or Need More Info (black or yellow) you have the ability to edit and revise your application.
  • If the application status is set to Submitted, Declined, or Approved (blue, red, green) you can view your application but can no longer make edits to it. This is to ensure the application stays in the same format as it was intended to once submitted. If further edits are necessary when locked out you can request your application to be unlocked and updated from the contact page.


Have you reserved your venue? If you have not yet reserved your venue this would be mandatory before proceeding to completing your event application.  Be sure and have your venue location reserved and then submit your application.